Sorry for the absence…

Hello everyone!  It’s me again, after taking a little break from the blogging world.  I know that I haven’t had my site up and going all that long but I realize now how much it takes to keep one of these running.  Things get busy, life gets crazy and you just sort of put these things on the back burner.  So I apologize for my lack of posts and my lack of motivation to write things.

I promise that this is going to change and I will be back to writing again soon.  This blog has been my dream for a very long time.  One I’m just not ready to give up on and sweep under the rug.  We must all make time for the things we love and want in life, right?  So this is my promise to you, that I will get back to my normal blog writing self asap!

A few quick updates on life in general.  The house has officially been painted!  Thank the good lord that is done, it was much-needed and now I feel as if there is a weight lifted off of my shoulders.  Now it is just on too counter tops and blinds.  Then things will be well on the way to finished…well sort of.  There is still a lot to be done with the new home to make it feel like ours BUT we are working on it!  Even though winter is looming, spring will be here before we know it and that will mean it is time to start our first garden!  I can’t wait to fill you all in on all the mishaps we encounter.  I also believe we will be building a chicken coop and that means fresh eggs and lots of baking recipes to come.  I mean seriously, you just can’t beat a straight out of the backyard chicken coop egg.  If you haven’t ever had one before then I am sorry because you are seriously missing out on something spectacular!  Store bought is just not the same my friends.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season.  Will be writing soon, just letting everyone know I’m still alive and well 🙂


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