If you like Pina Coladas…



I entitled this post “If you like Pina Coladas…” because as I was making these overnight oats that’s what I was singing.  In my head of course, because if I actually sang out loud it would probably have glasses to shatter and people for miles would be covering their ears screaming in agony.  I am not the worlds best singer, so therefore I chose to sing it in my head.  I’m aware that this has no ingredients that make up a pina colada other than perhaps the coconut, but this had such a tropical vibe that I was picturing being on a bean sipping away on an ice-cold beverage.

I decided to try a different flavor of overnight oats.  I love my old standbys but sometimes you just want to experiment.  Lucky for me, this turned out very well.  I made this with the standard overnight oats ingredients but I added a little coconut and banana extract and kiwi.  I normally avoid kiwi as it isn’t my favorite fruit but I had picked up a couple at the supermarket for my husband.  He didn’t eat them however and so I decided to use them before they went to waste.  Which was also when another morning breakfast consisting of kiwi came into play:



I just topped some Dannon toasted coconut flavored yogurt with a sliced kiwi, mini banana and some Puffins cereal.  Good stuff right there.  Maybe I have been having thoughts of vacation and warm places and that is where this has all come from.  I’m not sure really, but I do know that both of these were really awesome breakfast options.  So get to experimenting and coming up with some new overnight oat flavors.  Never be scared to try something new.  It just might turn out as the most amazing thing ever.  You never know until you try as I was always told.

I also managed to sneak in an oldie but a goodie:


This is one of my favorites.  Lemon flavored overnight oats with strawberries and blackberries mixed in.  Never ever gets old.



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