Enjoy the Moment



Does anyone else find this to be absolutely true?  It reminds me of another quote I once heard, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”  We have all probably come to this crossroad in our lives.  Scratching and scraping toward a goal we always thought we wanted, only to realize that we have almost gotten exactly what we set out to do and that we aren’t necessarily as excited about it as we always thought we would be.  How could that be?  What could make us suddenly realize that the things we once sought with a passion, now, just cause us to say “eh, I made it, that’s nice.”?  Everyone is different, and has different motivations for going after said “goal.”  For me, it has always been the challenge of doing something new.  The idea that I could go from little to no experience, to being a master (or at least capable) of doing this thing.  Therefore, the driving force for me is the challenge.  Once the challenge is completed there is nothing more to push toward.

Honestly, the more I thought about it the sadder it made me.  Let me explain.  If the challenge is the only thing that excites me it means that I never had any love or passion about the goal, I simply had passion for the challenge of it.  Thinking back to all those things which I started a novice and became pretty decent at, I can count on one hand (a couple fingers actually) the ones I truly liked.  Among the chosen few are, running and rock climbing.  All the others seem to get stuck in the realm of gone and forgotten.  Isn’t it strange that we can latch onto something, let it consume our life for a few months or years and then suddenly it’s gone like a feather in the wind?  You can dedicate so much time to something, make a group event out of it, acquire a whole new set of friends, only to have all of that dissipate when you finally lose all interest in it?

However, does that make it a complete waste?  I choose to think not.  I will always have those memories and stories.  Even though I may no longer participate in those activities or see those past friends, that doesn’t mean that I should regret having done them.  Life is a series of events, things come and things go.  I have had some of the best times of my life just doing something for the fun of it, without worrying about what will come next or if it will be there tomorrow.  Maybe it’s my competitive nature to make everything feel like a competition and let it elevate my stress levels.  Who says that it has to be this way?  Sometimes throwing yourself into something new can be the absolute best possible thing you could do for yourself.  You could make memories that stay with you for a lifetime or longer.  Looking back at all of these things have made me really appreciate “the moment” and I’m thankful for every single one I have been blessed with.


One thought on “Enjoy the Moment

  1. Great read! Reminds me of another philosophical quote I recently heard: “Begin with the ending in mind and finish empty”. My take is definitely know what you want before you start and use up everything God blessed you with to get there. Of course, that doesn’t mean you will always get there, for there are things beyond your control, but you will have done your very best and I’m positive that something good was meant for you in that effort (that part falls into the beyond your control). Move on to a new and worthwhile effort (for I’m sure there are many for you) and look back to the associated good memories as you pointed out. I hope you write some more topics like this one.


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