Simple Sunday

One thing I love most about Sunday’s is the “rest” feeling that accompanies it.  Even though most of us are busy doing household things, it still seems like you get this “Ah, it’s Sunday” feeling.  It’s the one day during the week I feel completely at ease.  I am content sitting on my couch, watching some television and inhaling whatever wonderful smell is emanating from my crock pot.  Or in this case, both of my crock pots .  Which today happens to be a pork roast and some broccoli white bean soup.

Sunday’s are also good for long strolls.  If the weather will cooperate that is.


How beautiful is that view, Eh?  It is a day to reflect on the past week, good and bad.  It gives you the sense that things can change, that the following days can be whatever you decide to make them.  A day that makes you realize just how blessed you are, and gives you the opportunity to be thankful for all of the wonderful things in your life.

It gives my husband and I the time to talk , catch up, hang out and just enjoy each others company.  Which is exactly what we have done.  We woke up early, caught some of the morning news together, went and bought some things for our new home and enjoyed a UK basketball game.  What can be better than that?  This day has also allowed me to reflect on the wonderful family that I have been blessed with.  Yesterday I got the pleasure of spending a few hours with my lovely parents, chatting about anything and everything.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the discussion or topic is about; just having them available to talk to is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.  There is my Dad with his infinite wisdom and support, who always makes you feel at ease and you leave the conversation with more knowledge than you had before and a feeling that conquering the world seems a little less impossible than it previously did.   Then there’s my mom, who is always so loving and caring, teaching me that being available for the people in your life and loving with all you have is always welcomed and appreciated.  Showing me that the small gestures are what matters most in life.  In fact one of her small kindness gestures allowed me to enjoy this beautiful bowl for lunch today:


Just some simple vegetables from a local farmer, but I sure enjoyed them.  While this post may not seem like it has a major point, sometimes it is just really nice to have some positive thoughts and feelings in our lives.  They don’t have to be huge life altering events, just a chat with my dad and a simple gift from my mom can make all the difference in my thought process.  Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make for the biggest fulfillment.


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