The Story of a Kitchen Towel



I’m stressed, you’re stressed, we are all stressed!  Why?  That is the question I ask myself every single day, and every day I fail to come up with a good answer.  If I’m guessing, there are a million people out there feeling the exact same way as me.  Stress, sometimes just continues to build and build until we are to the point of exploding.  The past week I have found myself in this exact scenario.  So for the past few days I have begun to ask myself how and why I am in this situation?  Truth is, life is hard…life is even harder when you are moving to a new home, newly married and dealing with a job that tests you to your social and emotional limits every single day.

If I’m completely honest with myself though, I really have nothing bad to be that stressed about.  Look at those three things I mentioned above: new home, newly married and work.  All of these are completely normal experiences and ones that almost everyone deals with at one time or another in their life.  Compared to some of the major things that affect and change someones entire life I must say that I have it made.  I had always heard that if we all threw our problems into a pile together we would end up picking our own back up.  I never really thought about it or contemplated it until recently, but whoever said that is exactly right, in my case anyways, as I can’t speak for everyone.

In this post I’ll simply stick to the new home situation.  Moving can be a real pain.  You have all of these things in your previous home that you have accumulated over time and now you have to box up all of those possessions (which can be high in number) and move them to a whole new location.  Not only do you have to move these things, you then have to put them away and organize them into a whole new order.  Which, for someone like me, who is extremely routine oriented can be made into a huge deal.  We just started the whole moving process last Saturday and since that time there have been points of excitement, arguments and exhaustion.  After a particularly rough day, I decided to throw in the towel.  By this I mean literally throw in the towel, I was mentally and physically exhausted and after running out of space in a particular kitchen drawer I just threw all the remaining kitchen towels onto the floor and walked away.  I decided to go for a walk hoping to clear my head and thinking maybe the magic kitchen fairy would find a place for those towels to go while I was gone.

After a thirty minute stroll, I returned to the house, and found those towels in exactly the same spot I had thrown them down earlier.  They hadn’t been magically put away and in fact our cat had rolled around on them and they were now completely covered in cat hair.  So I had actually made things harder on myself,  now I was going to have to wash and dry the towels before even finding somewhere to put them.  At that moment I had a mini epiphany.  Instead of remaining calm, switching out one drawer (which would have resolved the problem), I let all my emotions get in the way and in turn had created another problem for myself.  Avoidance of an issue was complicated by my own thoughts and actions.  This is how stress works isn’t it?  We let all of these little things (which are usually an easy fix) build and build until we are so filled up with them that we can’t even see the easy solution staring us straight in the face.  On top of that we often make things much worse by acting irrationally upon the “perceived” stress.

Bottom line, I made a mountain out of a mole hill.  If I had found a more appropriate way of dealing with my stressful feelings as they arose, this tiny situation could have been avoided.  Everyone deals with stress differently.  Some take a walk, while others read or simply sit quietly.  Regardless of your method, take the time to use it before you get to the point of exploding.  Avoid your own personal towel situation.


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